Sharon Osbourne has branded the producers of 'The Talk' "weak, weak women".

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

The 68-year-old star left the panel show in controversial circumstances earlier this year after a heated exchange on-air about race with Sheryl Underwood, after she defended her pal Piers Morgan over comments he made about the Duchess of Sussex, and she's slammed the "hypocrites" who make the programme, accusing them of wanting to be "perceived as more than woke".

Speaking to Megyn Kelly on SiriusXM, she said: "These people that run these networks, especially one that was failing, they are desperate to keep their jobs.

"They are desperate, in these times we live in, to be perceived as more than woke. You know, they want to be seen as Mother Teresa and Jesus Christ, but they're all hypocrites. They're liars and they're hypocrites, and they'll do whatever they have to do to keep their job."

Asked if she felt there was one person in particular who had it in for her, Sharon fumed: "Amy Reisenbach, her name is, and the two showrunners, Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews, who I'd worked with for – I'd worked with the showrunners for 11 years.

"They were friends of mine, especially Kristin Matthews. And I told them that they've destroyed me. I told them I will never be able to get over this. It's like, once you have that seed put on you, that you are a racist, it never goes away. I told them they destroyed me.

"I think that the showrunners were doing what Amy had told them to do. Weak, weak women, that didn't have a backbone to turn around and say, 'This is suicidal. We can't do this.'"

And Sharon suggested CBS bosses didn't want any negative publicity around Oprah Winfrey's interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - which had sparked Piers' rant about the royals - because it had been a coup for the network.

She added: "I honestly think this is a very complex situation. I think that CBS, I mean, you just look at their ratings, have not been great.

"They got a coup by getting the Oprah, Meghan and Harry interview, and they put so much into it. The whole world was watching. It was kind of what they needed was the jewel in the crown. And that's what it was for them at that time.

"And you just look at it business-wise for them. The network was failing and this was their big coup, and to them, it was like, it's untouchable. You cannot say anything against that interview because it was the jewel in their crown.

"And because Piers Morgan was saying what he felt about it in a negative way, and I was standing behind him, I don't think they liked it at all because this was their coup. This was bringing them back.

" Basically, they were number one for so many years and then it started to slide, and this was bringing them back. And they didn't like the fact that I didn't go against Piers."