Sharon Stone thinks men "run away" from her because of her "sex symbol" status.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

The 57-year-old actress - who achieved the status of a sex symbol after her eye-catching performance in the 1992 erotic thriller film 'Basic Instinct' - has revealed she's rarely approached by members of the opposite sex, much to her frustration.

The Hollywood star, who's divorced twice, said: "I wish more guys would throw themselves at me.

"Guys run away. People bought into the story that I'm a sex symbol but I'm not really. I'm really the girl with the baggy clothes and the bag of books.

"People are afraid of me."

In fact, Sharon said the only male attention she receives is from her three adopted sons - Roan, 15, Laird, 10, and nine-year-old Quinn.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "They're at that age when they're starting to become little men.

"So they're starting to carry my bags to the car and open the door for me. And they're leaving notes on the steering wheel of my car like, 'Have a wonderful day at work'.

"They are so great and they make me feel beautiful, like I have a purpose."

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