Sharon Stone is being lined to play Samantha Fox in a biopic of the legendary glamour model's life.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

The 55-year-old star is developing a TV series that will chart her life and phenomenal career, which started with modelling in 1983 when she posed topless on Page Three of The Sun newspaper at the age 16 and moved into music when she launched a pop career, with her 1986 single 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)' becoming a mega hit all over the world.

Fox is in discussions with a number of companies about the project and she would love for the 'Basic Instinct' actress - whom she has admired for decades - to portray her in the latter part of her life.

Speaking about her casting hopes in an interview on UK TV show 'Loose Women', she said: "There’s got to be three different Samantha Foxs; the kid Samantha Fox, the Page 3 girl Samantha Fox – hopefully whoever we cast as the glamour model can sing too – and then obviously an older one as I am now.

“Who I’d like to play me now is somebody like Sharon Stone. I’d love Sharon Stone to play for me, that would be wonderful!"

Away from her biopic plans, Fox is planning her wedding to her fiancée Linda Olsen - who she got engaged to in February 2020.

The couple - who have been together for five years and live in east London with Adam, one of Linda’s 19-year-old twin boys, and their two cats, Melody and Fanny - are waiting for COVID-19 social distancing restrictions to be lifted in the UK before they can set a definite date for the nuptials but intend to have a traditional ceremony with both brides wearing white gowns.

Fox - who was in a long-term relationship with her manager Myra Stratton until she tragically died in 2015 from breast cancer at the age of 60 - spilled: "We're gonna have a very big, traditional wedding with all our loved ones and closest friends, not so many celebrities. I know a couple who are very close, but no fair weather friends, just close friends and family. I’ve been in the business for over 40 years so I’ve invited people who have helped me along the way and stood by my side all these years.

“Linda’s got a lot of family coming from Sweden and Norway. We’re just hoping that when the government make their announcement on June 21 it’s going to be a good announcement and we can have all our family and friends from overseas.

“It’s going to be very traditional - white dresses, not seeing each the night before."

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