Ed Sheeran hasn't smoked for a whole year.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

The 'Happier' hitmaker took to his Instagram account over the weekend to celebrate the fact that he'd managed 365 days without puffing on a cigarette after he vowed to give up the habit back in 2017 because he wanted to shed a few pounds.

Alongside a professional black-and-white photograph of him performing on stage, he wrote: "Celebrating one year being a non smoker today (sic)"

The 27-year-old singer took a year-long hiatus from the limelight back in 2016 after he'd finished touring because he wanted to travel without a schedule and spend time with his loved ones, but admitted that his time out had made him gain weight.

He said at the time: "I chain-smoked. I drunk a lot of alcohol and ate very unhealthy and I just kind of cut 39 percent if that out. I still do all those things, but my dad said, 'Everything in moderation'. I just basically needed to moderate."

Although he's had no qualms binning the cigarettes, the flame-haired hunk has probably had less luck on the alcohol front as he's built a pub inside his mansion.

He explained: "I've built a pub. Like, I had a bar before, a bar where you could pour beers but now this has like a selection of beers, which is cool. So, basically, there's an underground tunnel to get there that you can close off. So if I have a party, everyone goes in the pub and no one can get in the house so you get no one raiding the cupboards or smashing anything. You have to go underground to get to the pub."

However, Ed doesn't mind indulging in the odd alcoholic beverage from time to time because he tries to workout for at least 10 minutes a day in order to stay in shape.

He previously said: "I didn't realise how active I was on tour. My diet was pizza and beer, but because I was doing two hours a night I was really in shape.

"I stopped touring and carried on my diet of pizza and beer. Suddenly I didn't fit in anything. I was like, 'All my clothes have shrunk'.

"I did ten minutes a day without fail - intervals of 30 seconds sprinting and 30 jogging. The key is to not miss a day, so you don't have to do an hour."

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