Sheridan Smith's in a "very happy place" since getting engaged.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

The 'Cilla' star is set to tie the knot with insurance broker Jamie Horn - whom she met on dating app Tinder earlier this year - and after a hellish couple of years following the death of her father Colin Smith in December 2016, the actress-and-singer finally has her life back on track.

Speaking to Magic Radio, she spilled: "Where I'm at right now I feel like this is really good, I've got all that under control. I've got doctors' care, I'm feeling great, I got engaged, I'm in a very happy place so I'm very happy and you know that's it. I couldn't ask for more really."

Sheridan suffered from severe anxiety after her dad tragically passed away, but she now she feels able to open up about her mental health battle.

The 37-year-old British star plays a schizophrenic in the new movie 'The More You Ignore Me' - which is based on comic Jo Brand's critically-acclaimed novel - and she hopes anyone suffering with mental illness who watches the comedy will feel compelled to seek the help they need.

She said: "I guess when you hide something for such a long time, and then people start speculating or saying horrible things about you and you're trying to understand yourself - but also you know people are perceiving you in a certain way ... it's a process of being able to go 'what's happening, why am I feeling like this?' And then asking for help. I'm really hoping this film will trigger people. You know it's not an embarrassing situation, it's just an illness. I think it's just the words 'mental health' that make people scared."

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