Sheridan Smith has six donkeys.

Sheridan Smith loves animals

Sheridan Smith loves animals

The 40-year-old singer-and-actress wanted her 17-month-old son Billy - who she has with former fiance Jamie Horn - grow up around animals but she "got carried away" and they not only have half a dozen of the creatures, but also six dogs.

Appearing on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', she said: "When I was younger we grew up very working class and I begged my mum and dad to let me have animals and they were like, 'no'... Now I have a son who is 17 months old and I think I wanted him to grow up around animals."

But Sheridan didn't set out to have so many donkeys, as two have had babies since she got them - and she had to be the "midwife" to the animals.

She admitted: "I didn’t know they were pregnant.

"I did have four and then suddenly they got fat. Suddenly, there were legs coming out of one of them.

"It was stuck and I watched a YouTube video and I’m pulling the legs. I became like a donkey midwife!"

The 'Pooch Perfect' host previously reflected on how she was constantly "in a bit of a daze" after her son was born as the coronavirus pandemic meant she and Jamie had very few people they could turn to for help.

She said: "It's surreal. You're kind of walking around in a bit of a daze.

"If it hadn't been a pandemic we would have had more people to rely on so we could both go and get some rest; but thank goodness we had each other, because Jamie took a lot of time with the baby as well, so I got to sleep in between breastfeeding.

"But we were walking around like zombies and we didn't really know what day it was. When there's this bundle of joy, though, the good times make up for the bad."

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