Simon Cowell "wants to marry Lauren Silverman".

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

The 61-year-old music mogul broke his back when he fell off his electric bike at his Malibu home 10 weeks ago and friends say the accident was a wake-up call for Simon leading him to reassess his relationship with Lauren, 43, the mother of his son Eric, six.

A source told MailOnline: "He definitely no longer feels invincible and this has been a wake up for him about his health and lifestyle. He feels lucky to be recovering at all. The fall was of life-changing seriousness. Some in his circle think it might even make him think again about making a commitment of marriage to Lauren. Never say never."

Simon and Lauren have been spending more time together during the Covid-19 pandemic and their relationship is going from strength to strength, with friends calling her "thoroughly decent, kind, loyal and supportive".

Meanwhile, sources have revealed that the recovery process for Simon has been quite slow.

One insider said: "It will be a long road before he is back on form again. It is all going to take a lot longer than expected as the breaks weren’t straightforward. He needs lots of physio and lots of time. He is doing very little work, so really following doctor’s orders."

Another pal added: "He is building up his strength but the recovery is taking longer than we hoped. It was a very serious injury and they didn’t fully appreciate that at first.

"There was initial euphoria that he was all right, when he felt that he had come through it by a miracle. Then came the pain.

"He had about six weeks of agony. By early September, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to be ready to physically travel at all for work. He was on high-strength painkillers but he isn’t any more. He also doesn’t have a live-in nurse any more."