Sir Barry Gibb has people walk into the grounds of his Miami mansion because they assume it's for sale.

Sir Barry Gibb

Sir Barry Gibb

The 74-year-old star has lived in Miami since 1975 and following the success of 'Saturday Night Fever' - the iconic movie that featured disco songs by the Bee Gees - Barry would regularly wake up to find fans on his lawn.

He recalled: "It got to the point where people were climbing over the walls and coming into your grounds."

Although Barry's fame is less intense these days, he's still dealing with similar issues.

Speaking to the BBC, he explained: "Actually that still happens, but for different reasons.

"There are people that walk in under the impression that the house is for sale. Our house is probably the best position on the bay, so you get unusual people with lots of money who say, 'We'll buy your house'. I go, 'It's not for sale!'"

Barry starred in the Bee Gees alongside his brothers Robin and Maurice Gibb, and despite his advancing years, he's not yet ready to "give up on making records and writing songs".

The iconic star made the confession shortly after Bob Dylan decided to sell the rights to his entire song catalogue to Universal Music Group.

Reflecting on the deal, Barry said: "There might come a time in your own life where your own music you don't really listen to. You want to survive into your old age and you want to be very comfortable. You want your family to be comfortable.

"You don't want to be short of money if that's the case. And really, I'm sure Mr Dylan has come to that conclusion over the years. I think he's a few years older than I am."

Asked if he'll be following suit, Barry replied: "Maybe in a couple of years. I'm not ready to give up on making records and writing songs. The closer I get to 80 though ... That's like a ringing bell, I'm telling you."

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