Sir Cliff Richard is to get an hour-long special episode of 'Loose Women' dedicated to him.

Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard

The 76-year-old music legend is going to be talking about his new album 'Just... Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll' - which will incredibly be his 101st LP - performing tracks from it and chatting openly with the panel which will include his dear friend and regular 'Loose Women' panellist Gloria Hunniford.

In a video message broadcast to viewers on the programme that aired on ITV on Monday (17.10.16), Cliff said: "I am so excited because I've just heard that 'Loose Women' are going to do a Cliff Richard special, I'm thrilled! 'Loose Women' I'm sure you've got a lot of things planned for me, should I be worried? I hope not! I can't wait to be there."

Gloria, 76, can't wait for her pal to come on the show and revealed the show is looking for the UK's biggest Cliff fan to be part of the programme which airs on Tuesday November 15.

She said: "It's going to be terrific because the audience will be full of Cliff fans, he's going to be singing live, he's going to be talking about the new album and we're looking for probably the best Cliff fan ever, so if you think you're that person do get in touch ... It's going to be live of course, and he's looking forward to it and so are we."

Cliff is a friend of 'Loose Women' and he decided to give his first interview to Gloria on the show after historic sex abuse charges brought against him were dropped by the police in June.

The 'Devil Woman' hitmaker was subject to a 22-month long investigation after four sex abuse claims - said to have taken place between 1958 and 1983 - were made against him and he broke his two-year silence to discuss his ordeal on the daytime talk show.

Speaking about how he felt when the investigation began, Cliff said: "That first day when I got back from the visit to my winemaker was probably the deepest and darkest hole I've ever been in. I came back to my farm, it was surrounded by press and photographers. I lived in that one section of the house, fortunately it's a big house, for two weeks before I ever went out again. I just hid away, and that first day when I came back, I had friends staying with me. And a very good friend of mine came in and I was actually on my knees, and I was inconsolable. I was weeping and crying and all I heard was footsteps and he said, 'Get up! You've got to get up. Get up, hold your head up, you have nothing to be guilty of. You have nothing to weep about.' And I said, 'OK,' and I got up."

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