Sir Paul McCartney always “threatens” to make his daughter Stella a pop star.

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney

The Beatles legend thinks the fashion designer was “wise” to pursue the career she did instead of trying to follow in the footsteps of him and her late mother, Linda, but he thinks she would have done very well if she’d pursued music as a career instead.

He said: “She's a really good singer ... Wisely, she pursued fashion.

'It's difficult to follow your parents' professions. But she certainly holds a tune and we do threaten to pull her into the studio and get her to record something. [How will I persuade her?]

"I'll write a song called 'Star Girl for her. That's what I'll do … Stella Nina means star girl. And she is.”

Stella admitted she occasionally wonders how her life would have been if she had decided to pursue music rather than fashion, but she’s got no regrets about the decision she made.

She said: "I have inherited a musicality, yes. It's the only thing I think, 'What if I had done that? But I'm really glad I didn't. I made a decision early in my life not to do that."

Paul recalled how his daughter had an interest in fashion from a very early age, thanks to her mother’s impressive wardrobe.

He told Vogue magazine: “Stella and her sister Mary were always dressing up in Linda's stuff, like little girls would. "They particularly loved the platform boots that went up to Linda's waist, so were up to the kids' waists."