Sir Ridley Scott played tennis against professionals "for almost 30 years".

Sir Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott

The Hollywood director is a passionate fan of the sport and while he's turned his attention towards painting in recent years, Sir Ridley has revealed he played tennis to an exceptionally high standard at one stage.

Asked how he enjoys his downtime, he shared: "Pretty good, because I paint now. I was into tennis for a long time, so my weekends would be two days of tennis - never with friends, I would always play a pro.

"I played pros for almost 30 years, and I could really f***in' play, but then I wore my knees out. So now what I do is, I rediscovered painting, because I was at college with Hockney, Kitaj, all those f***s. I mean, it was a serious college! I would watch Hockney f***in' paint. So I've been painting a lot."

And the 80-year-old director has claimed that his passion for painting has even proved to help his filmmaking.

Asked whether his new-found passion satisfies him, Sir Ridley told Vulture magazine: "Oddly enough, it helps me. Painting is like writing a book."

But he also admitted that painting can be a stressful experience.

Sir Ridley - whose biggest movies include 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien' - added: "Painting is worse because you go over what you did and go, 'F**k,' so you adjust it. The worst thing is when you had it really good and you f**k with it, and you f***in' f**k it up."

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