Sir Rod Stewart admits some of his music has become dated in light of the #MeToo movement.

Sir Rod Stewart

Sir Rod Stewart

The 73-year-old rock legend has confessed that he now considers some of his tracks to be inappropriate, but he explained that "everything was different" when he began as a musician.

Asked whether some of his most famous tracks would be considered inappropriate in the modern day, Rod said: "Oh absolutely, I couldn't write a song like 'Tonight's The Night' now even if I wanted to.

"But you know 'Hot Legs' is even worse - everything was different then, the clothes, the attitude, even the recording."

The #MeToo movement - which started on social media - is designed to fight sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Rod has embraced the new movement through a track on his latest album, 'Look In Her Eyes', which calls on young men to be respectful towards women.

He told the Independent: "It's saying: Come on guys back off, you don't have to get drunk and throw her over a park bench to try and get your way."

Although the 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain' singer is an advocate of the #MeToo campaign, he claims to have never witnessed any inappropriate behaviour during his time in the music business.

He said: "No listen, I've got to try and remember, I've been on tour with Stevie Nicks and Cyndi Lauper but I haven't really been around enough women.

"I've got six women in my band and I look after them all like they're princesses, but I can't quite answer your question. I wasn't around; I didn't see it, let me put it down to that."