Sir Rod Stewart was jealous when his wife Penny Lancaster was paired with a hunky dancer on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Sir Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

Penny, 49, competed in the BBC dance competition in 2007 with Ian Waite as her partner and she admitted that her spouse wasn't exactly happy about her spending hours on the dancefloor with the handsome professional dancer.

Speaking to Ian on his Instagram live, Penny said: "The funniest thing is my husband said, 'It's fantastic you're doing 'Strictly'. Live your wildest dreams and go for it girl.'

"But then he was like, 'Who are you dancing with?' I said, 'I'm dancing with Ian' and Rod said, 'Well, that's fine then.'

"But he still got jealous. He was like, 'I've lost my wife. She's in the arms of another man. She's spending five to six hours a day with another man.'

"But of course he loved you Ian and he sends his best wishes."

Meanwhile, Rod, 75, recently admitted he is "stunned" that his wife has kept him around for two decades.

He said: "I'm stunned that Penny has kept me around for 20 years. They have not invented the words for how I feel about her. She is everything."

And the singer said Penny has taught him a lot about marriage and relationships, which he now passes onto his children.

He added: "It took me a while to learn, because I have been a scallywag in the past. But I would say the most important thing is good manners - which is what I try to teach all my boys. You can wear the best suits in the world, look great and have the best carpet, but you still have to show manners. Open the door for a lady, stand up when a lady goes to the bathroom when you are having dinner."

And Rod - who has eight children, including Aiden, nine, and Alastair, 14, with Penny - feels he also helped give his wife "a lot of confidence" to allow her to do her television work and carve her own career.

He said: "I gave her a lot of confidence. She does a lot of TV work now and when we first met she was just a shy little person who would not talk very much. I have instilled the confidence in her. I am sure she'd tell you that. And she is here for me."

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