Sir Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter has spent lockdown secluded from the world in an Ashram in India.

Rachel Hunter via Facebook (c)

Rachel Hunter via Facebook (c)

The 50-year-old former supermodel - who was married to Rod for 16 years between 1990 and 2006 - is now a yogi, and has been spending her time in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic in an Ashram, which is a place for practising Yoga, Mediation, and other spiritual practices.

Revealing her decision to hide away from the world, she wrote on Facebook: "I haven't seen a face that I deeply know for months , I haven't touched another human for months . This has been an intense observation and one that has been a great teacher . Many people are or have gone through this . Please no perceptions of drama or pity from this what I have written . I greatly look forward to that moment to connect . (sic)"

The blonde beauty believes Mother Nature is "teaching a lesson" through the global health crisis, and says she wants to be more "selfless" for the "wellbeing of others" in the wake of the pandemic.

She added: "So this only draws MORE awareness to me with how am I going to move more consciously, responsibly, truthfully Lovingly through the rest of my life. To remember the cry's from the internet statements . "Mother Nature is teaching is a lesson ". What is the new way ? For me Its to move in a more conscious manner . It's not only to move more meaningful and well-being for self, but be selfless. For the well being of others !!! How will I move in the world now ? Respond in the world ? what is my imprint ? (sic)"

Rachel - who has 28-year-old Renee and 25-year-old Liam with Rod - revealed in another Facebook post she spent 21 days in lockdown at the Ashram, after having already spent 18 days there for the Hindu festival of Maha Shivarati.

She wrote: "I had decided to stay on after Mahashivaratri to submerge myself further into sadhana. An 18-day silence blended into a 21- day lockdown. Silence to lockdown! (sic)"

And whilst the former model was "worried" about leaving her two adult children in London amid the pandemic, she knew she was "meant to be" in India.

She explained: "During this time I would experience moments of great worry as my adult children are in London -- wanting to hold them -- with loved ones scattered. There are moments of worry, wanting to have control of the outcome, with thoughts of those that are suffering; moments of "I need to get home;" and finally a moment of surrender. Somehow this is where I am meant to be. (sic)"

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