Sir Ronnie Wood has donated his artwork to a London hospital.

Sir Ronnie Wood

Sir Ronnie Wood

The Rolling Stones rocker sent a poignant gift to St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London amidst the current coronavirus pandemic to praise all the NHS workers for their life saving work for the country.

He said: "The NHS are incredibly dedicated, and their commitment to giving support and saving lives is unbelievable. They deserve all the credit people can give them.

"This has all fallen into place since showing our thanks by clapping every Thursday, and our little twins love to see and paint rainbows. There's just so much appreciation from us ... Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude is the best prayer and messages for them all. THANK YOU."

The 72-year-old musician created a rainbow in the shape of a heart, with the NHS logo at its core. It was also adorned with a hand painted thank you message.

Of the artwork, he added: "I didn't have all the colours of the rainbow in my studio to paint this all in the same medium, so had to experiment with paints and pastels to get the colours right. I've tried to show a few examples of texture and mixed media, and different surfaces through texturing."

And the team at St George's Hospital were thrilled to receive the one of a kind painting from Ronnie.

A spokesperson for the hospital said: "We're extremely grateful to Ronnie for donating this very special artwork to St George's. We know that staff and patients will be really excited to see it on display in the hospital. The uplifting and optimistic message will mean so much to them."

Ronnie is currently isolating with his wife Sally Humphreys and their three-year-old twins, Gracie and Alice.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, he shared: "The most challenging thing about lockdown is being separated from family and friends and coming to terms with that and for people on their own."

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