Sir Tom Jones says walking "two to five" miles every day and cross training helped him recover from hip surgery.

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones

The 77-year-old music legend has revealed that a mixture of good fitness and being a coach on 'The Voice UK', helped him get through the pain and lack of mobility he experienced after suffering from a recurring issue with his sciatic nerve.

Speaking about his recovery, he said: "I think the left hip is better than the right one now.

"I love what I do, which is a motivation. I take vitamins, walk two to five miles every day and I do cross training. You have to keep active."

The 'Sex Bomb' hitmaker also watches what he eats, but has found staying away from chocolate the hardest.

Sir Tom confessed to the Daily Express newspaper: "I'm a chocoholic.

"I try to stay off desserts. If I was looking at a dessert in a restaurant, I would go to chocolate straightaway."

The 'Not Unusual' singer - who returns to the new series of the show starting on Saturday (06.01.18), alongside, Jennifer Hudson and new mentor Olly Murs - was initially using a walking cane on the ITV show.

But has revealed he no longer needs the walking aide as he is fully recovered from the surgery.

He shared: "I'm completely recovered.

"I didn't need the crutches on set of 'The Voice'. I had a cushion on my chair while filming but that is only because I have got a habit of leaning back so it pushes me forward."

Meanwhile, Sir Tom previously claimed that working on the show had helped with his recovery.

He said: "I'm coping great, all I need to do is get up and stretch it a little bit. Walking these corridors is like rehab, there's a lot of them here.

"There's a long walk from the dressing room to the stage, it's good. It's a new hip, it's bionic, it's like starting again."

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