Sofia Coppola suffered an "identity crisis" when she became a mother.

Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola

The 49-year-old film director - who has Romy, 13, and Cosima, 10, with husband Thomas Mars - explores the challenges of parenthood in her new movie 'On the Rocks', and she's revealed that it touches on some of her personal experiences.

She explained: "I’m just trying to take where I was at that moment in my life where my kids were younger … that adjustment.

"I think you go through an identity crisis [when you become a parent]."

Sofia has struck a deal with Apple TV+ to stream her new movie and although she loves the experience of going to a cinema, she's just happy that people are still able to watch new content amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She told The Independent: "I do value the communal aspect of seeing a movie all together in a theatre, [but] I feel like we all need something to watch right now."

Sofia is the daughter of filmmakers Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola, who recently re-cut 'The Godfather Part III' for a 30th anniversary reissue.

Sofia starred in the 1990 crime movie, after she was drafted in to replace Winona Ryder, but she hates watching herself in the film.

The acclaimed director - whose films include 'Lost in Translation' and 'The Virgin Suicides' - admitted she feels like she's watching "another person" on screen.

She said: "It’s hard for me to watch my 18-year-old self. So much time has passed but it’s just weird to see yourself with all that baby fat. It was strange to see … it’s almost like another person."