Sophie Dahl's mother has been charged with larceny.

Sophie Dahl

Sophie Dahl

Tessa Dahl - whose father was famous author Roald Dahl and whose mother was Oscar-winning actress Patricia Neal - was arrested in the United States after failure to pay a Connecticut hotel bill of £3,970.

According to the Daily Mail, Tessa checked into the Interlaken Inn in October 2017 and ran up the bill before leaving without paying the following month.

The hotel called the police after Tessa allegedly informed them during a phone call that she would not be paying the bill.

She was arrested and charged with third degree larceny, before being released on a £3,970 bond.

If convicted, Tessa, 60, could be sentenced to between one to five years in prison.

Tessa is due to appear in court to face the charges but her lawyer is confident that the situation will be resolved.

Mark Sherman said: "The hotel has been paid in full and we expect a quick resolution in court."

Tessa gave birth to her daughter Sophie, who went on to find fame as a model, when she was just 19 and her late father said Tessa was the "most interesting" of all of his children.

Speaking before his death in 1990, he said: "She's by far the most complicated of my children, but she's the most interesting."

Tessa has battled alcohol and drug addiction in the past but seven years ago, she began living at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut, in order to become a nun.

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