Sophie Ellis-Bextor won't rule out the "wacky" idea of having a sixth child.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis Bextor

The 'Murder on the Dancefloor' hitmaker and her husband, The Feeling bassist Richard Jones, have five sons together - Sonny, Kit, Ray, Jesse and 23-month-old Mickey - and although she currently thinks it's unlikely that they will have another baby, Sophie would never say never about adding to her brood.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, she said: "The idea of number six is absolutely wacky and I suspect it won't happen but it’s a never say never kind of thing.

"The nice thing is that when you have a big family is you get this sort of spectrum really and you have basically created a tiny little society and kids are quite canny, kids will sort of find something that can be their own and then sort of go headlong into that, so I feel like across the board I've kind of got most things ticked really in terms of personalities and interests and all of that stuff."

After becoming a mother to two sons, Sophie has been regularly asked if she wants to have a girl, including throughout her three pregnancies, but she is adamant that she has never been bothered about having a girl in her family.

The 41-year-old singer has always found the questions about having a daughter annoying and also disrespectful to her boys, as she loves being a mother to "five blokes".

She said: "Ever since I had two boys I've always said the best thing about having a girl would be that people would stop asking me if I'm trying to have a girl.

"Actually, when I was pregnant with my fifth, I thought, ‘I really hope it is a boy, actually,’ because I didn't really like the idea of having a girl and everybody going, ‘Oh you finally got your girl,’ and I’d have to keep going, ‘I wasn't trying to have a girl!’ In a way I was quite relieved and also there's something quite comical about having five blokes, to me, that’s quite funny. It still makes me laugh.

"The last one I would want is any of my children thinking I wanted them to be anything other than who they are. I have five very different people and, yes, they all happen to be male but that's literally the tip of the iceberg."

Sophie was speaking as part of a campaign by supermarket chain Aldi to encourage people to still party over the Christmas period despite the lockdown rules caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The pop star has entertained her fans and Instagram followers with her kitchen discos which she has streamed on the social media platform from her house throughout 2020.

The home performances inspired Sophie's greatest hits album 'Songs from the Kitchen Disco' which features her hit singles and a host of covers.