Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams have named their baby son Theodore.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews with baby Theodore

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews with baby Theodore

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star and the 32-year-old Irish DJ welcomed their little boy into the world at the beginning of this month and have now announced that they've given him the sweet traditional moniker, which they plan to shorten to Teddy in the future, after they fell in love with it as soon as they heard it.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Vogue said: "We heard the name Theodore one day and both loved it. We thought we would call him Teddy but since he has been born we have stayed with Theodore rather than shortening it."

The couple - who got married in a secret ceremony earlier this year - have also given the tiny tot two middle names - Frederick after Vogue's late father and Michael after Spencer's brother who died in 1999 while climbing Mount Everest.

Spencer, 29, explained: "His name lives on in our family and always will do."

And, although he's less than two weeks old, Vogue can already tell that Theodore is a "mini Spencer" because he has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.

She said: "He is a mini Spencer. I remember seeing lots of dark hair, and thinking, 'that's just like his dad'. He has his dimples too, and deep blue eyes."

The pair are so in love with their little bundle that they'd love three more kids.

Vogue explained: "The most life-changing thing we have ever done is to have Theodore, he is my biggest ever achievement."

Spencer added: "Perhaps we'd like three more.

"We can't wait to crack on and enlarge our family as much as we can. For now though I can't imagine life being better than this."

However, Vogue may want to wait a little while as she has admitted the birth of Theodore didn't go according to plan and she almost had a C-section.

She said: "There were a few little hiccups, but it was perfect."

Spencer concluded: "Obviously Vogue did all of the hard work and I have nothing but love and respect for how she dealt with it all in the most admirable way."

The full interview is available in this week's HELLO! magazine, out now.

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