Spencer Pratt claims Lauren Conrad is upset he and wife Heidi are having a baby.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt

Heidi and Spencer Pratt

The 33-year-old reality star insists people are far more interested in his spouse's pregnancy than that of his former 'Hills' co-star - who will give birth to her and husband William Tell's baby next month- and believes the "dream is over" for his former screen rival, as another former castmate, Whitney Port, is also expecting a baby.

Spencer said: "The baby news war is just beginning...

"I'm beyond hyped that people are very happy for the Speidi baby. People are way more invested in my and Heidi's relationship over 10 years than LC and her guitar player husband...

"It's baby wars. With Whitney and Heidi's pregnancies, LC's dream is over."

And Spencer went on to suggest Lauren is more annoyed about Whitney - who is married to TV producer Tim Rosenman - being pregnant than Heidi.

He added: "I think LC is more annoyed Whitney is pregnant than about me and Heidi, because Whitney is more the brand that LAuren wishes she'd be.

"Lauren is going to have to work even harder because Speidi's got some big things in the works for the baby."

But Spencer thinks Whitney is "so chill" about all the 'Hills' pregnancies, and he thinks their kids will bond in the future.

He told heat magazine: "Hopefully, Speidi baby and Whitney's baby can go to Crossroads school together, like Whitney and I did - that'd be fun on parent-teacher conference night."

And despite the tension between himself and Lauren, Spencer doesn't mind if their children grow up to be friends.

He quipped: "It'd be like 'Game of Thrones' where the enemies' children can get along."