Stacey Solomon has revealed she has "stopped trying to fight" her anxiety.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

The 28-year-old star has opened up about her struggles with mental health after she posted a tweet referencing it on Tuesday night (03.04.18).

Speaking candidly about the social media post on ITV's 'Loose Women' the next day, she said: "I get anxiety from time to time, and I had a wave of anxiety last night ... It sort of bubbles up inside of me.

"It's something that I know is a part of me and I stopped trying to fight against it, as such."

Stacey has been open about her battle with anxiety in the past, and she added that she has found it gets "worse" later at night.

She explained: "It's probably worse at night time when I have more time to sit and think about it ... I've just gotta accept that this is just a part of my personality, rather than something I can get rid off."

It comes after she simply tweeted "Oh hi anxiety" to her Twitter followers, who flooded her with kind words and advice.

She later responded: "Soooo many lovely comments on here! Thank you! After posting I headed straight for the lavender spray and sudoku ... love you all and taking deep breaths for those struggling with the big A [sic]"

Last year, Stacey revealed she suffers more now than she did when she was younger, and admitted she feels there is a lot more pressure thrust upon her to look good, especially from social media, which she didn't "notice" when she was a teenager.

She told Star magazine: "I feel that [pressure] more now I'm in my 20s than i did when I was a teenager.

"I get a lot of anxiety. I feel like I didn't notice all this stuff as a teenager. I feel privileged to have grown up without social media and all these stigmas.

"There's so much pressure on both women and men to look a certain way. Why are so many people having plastic surgery, going on crash diets and over-exercising? It's insanity."

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