Stacey Solomon emotionally reflected on her parenting achievements as her son Leighton celebrated his birthday.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

The 'Loose Women' star became pregnant with her eldest child Zachary when she was 17 and she recalled the pain of receiving disapproval from others for becoming a mother at such a young age on social media.

Stacey – who is mother to Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight and Rex, 23 months – said: "You know when you get pregnant at 17 you don't know – or some of you might – everyone looks at you like you're going to fail and be an absolutely terrible parent.

"And then they grow up and they turn out to be really nice people and you're like, 'I did it, even though you thought I was an absolute disgrace.'"

Stacey, 31, admits that the love from her family helped her through tough times and worried for those who don't have the same support."

She wrote on Instagram: "I keep thinking about when I got pregnant with Zachy and people used to tut at me 'a baby with a baby'.

"They would literally tell me to my face what a terrible decision I'd made how I'd be bringing a child into the world who will be so unhappy."

Stacey, who is engaged to Joe Swash, added: "I'm so lucky I had my family who supported me.

"I think about those left alone to do it without any support all of the time. You are amazing.

"I look at them all now and how kind and caring they are. And it just makes me want to cry my eyes out."