Stephanie Pratt isn't talking to her brother Spencer Pratt "at the moment."

Stephanie Pratt at the Animal Hero Awards

Stephanie Pratt at the Animal Hero Awards

The 'Made in Chelsea' star and the former 'Hills' hunk fuelled rumours they were at loggerheads last month when they posted a series of cryptic messages online, in which Stephanie implied her sibling was "poison" and he branded her "mental", and she has admitted they're not getting on at the moment because they're so close they clash.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the Animal Hero Awards in London on Thursday (07.09.17), Stephanie said: "We don't have a rivalry but we're not talking at the moment. But it's just on and off. We clash, I ask him for every piece of advice, like, always. So we are so so so close."

But the 31-year-old beauty is convinced all the animosity between them will be forgotten when Spencer and his wife Heidi Montag welcome their first child in October.

She explained: "They invited me to the baby shower. Heidi's been part of our family for 10 years now so we do get on really well. She's due to give birth in October."

And, although she had a little nephew on the way, Stephanie has no plans to move back to Los Angeles - where her family are based - because London is the "best city."

She said: "I've always been quite a gypsy. I've always moved around - I've lived in Paris, Hawaii, New York, Texas, so I'm just super independent. I never want to leave London, I never want to leave, it's the best city in the world."

Meanwhile, Stephanie previously revealed she didn't find out she was going to become an auntie until she read it online and was devastated Spencer didn't tell her.

Asked if she is excited about the baby, she said: "Of course, although I had no idea Heidi was pregnant.

"Spencer and Heidi tend to do things in their own way. I'm really happy for them both."