Stevie Nicks worries she won't ever have a career again if she catches coronavirus.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks

The Fleetwood Mac star has decided to "lock herself down" during the current pandemic as she fears she could die if she contracts the virus, or at least not be able to perform again.

She said: "I'm as good as you can be in these circumstances. I really have been locked down because I truly believe that should I contract this disease it would kill me, or it would at the very least knock me down so bad I wouldn’t have a career anymore. And at 72 years old, I may have my freedom but I don’t have much time, as Mick Jagger would say. So, even if this takes another year-and-a-half I’m going to get through this without getting it because I want to go back to work. I want to go back on tour. I want to come back to Australia, for god’s sake!"

Stevie was meant to be having a year off but she is still missing performing live for her fans.

She added: "Well, this was meant to be a year off for me, but I was still performing six shows and we probably would have added six more. I do miss it – I don’t feel like myself. I look at these next six or so years as my last youthful years, when I’m going to feel like putting on six-inch heels and dancing across a stage for the world."Because, really, at some point you have to go, “OK, you’ll be 80 – just exactly how long can you cartwheel across the world?” I don’t have that much time left to be a rock star."

And the 72-year-old rocker has high hopes for the future in regards to equality for women.

Asked what one thing every woman should experience before they die, she told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Being treated as though they’re not a second-class citizen. My mother drilled the message of equality into my head when I was growing up. "She was lovingly strict and back then I thought she went a little overboard, but now I’m so glad she raised me the way she did."