Tamara Ecclestone claims having her toddler share her bed has improved her sex life.

Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland

Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland

The 31-year-old heiress and husband Jay Rutland have had little Sophia sleep with them since she was six months old, but rather than impact their physical relationship, she claims it has made them "more adventurous".

She laughed: "It's great - we're just more adventurous! Who needs a bed?

"My husband loves my breastfeeding boobs as I've gone up to a DD, but he doesn't get to go near them. Life can be so cruel!"

Tamara is still breastfeeding Sophia and has no plans to give up until the youngster is ready.

She said: "It's whenever she is done, but this beast is never going to be done!

"The paediatricians say it's uncommon to go past four years old.

"[If she wants to continue after then] we'll cross that bridge if it comes to it, but for now she's my baby. You're doing something that is so amazing for your child, but it can cause such hostility and anger. It makes me wonder what's wrong with the world. Breastfeeding is such a natural thing.

"Yes, Sophia is two and a half and yes, a lot of people wouldn't breastfeed now. But it's so comforting for her and she loves it. She doesn't have a dummy, a blanket or take a bottle. Although I'm going to have the saggiest boobs around by the time she's finished!"

And Tamara can't understand why her decision has attracted so much negative attention.

She told Fabulous magazine: "It's something that is so natural.

"When there are people walking around the streets these days in thongs and bras, I'm like, 'Really? Can anyone say anything?' I find it bizarre what people's priorities are."

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