Tamara Ecclestone doesn't feel "ready" to have more children.

Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone

The 32-year-old heiress - who has two-year-old daughter Sophia with husband Jay Rutland - does want another baby in the future, but she doesn't share in her spouse's desire to have another as soon as possible.

Jay said: "I would have another one tomorrow. In an ideal world I'd like three."

But Tamara added in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I can tell you now that three isn't happening. I do want another child but 2017 isn't the year.

"You never know what's going to happen in the future but right now I'm so consumed with Sophia and I'm still breastfeeding.

"I personally don't feel ready. My body doesn't feel ready."

And Tamara is convinced her body will let her know when the time is right to have another child.

She added: "When I got pregnant with Sophia, I really, really wanted it and I was so excited and prepared, so I think I will know when the time is right.

"I would love to give her a gift that no one else can - a sibling - but it has to be the right time."

If the couple do have another child, Tamara thinks they will have a son after numerous visits to different psychics told her they saw a baby boy in her future, though her interest in the spiritual world has waned now as her husband doesn't share her enthusiasm.

She said: "Every psychic I've seen said we're going to have one more and it will be a boy.

"But I don't see them anymore. Jay doesn't believe in psychics and mediums. He thinks you shouldn't live your life around what you think is going to happen."

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