Tamara Ecclestone feels "really lucky" that her daughter enjoys healthy food like "kale chips".

Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Ecclestone

The 33-year-old socialite insists she never has to prepare special meals for three-year-old Sophia - who she has with husband Jay Rutland - and even when they go out to eat, the youngster will just order from the standard menu.

Tamara told Now magazine: "Sophia loves gymnastics, ballet, and tennis. I'm really lucky that she loves to eat healthy food like quinoa and kale chips. I never order off a kids menu or cook separately for her.

"When we go out, she always finds something that she'll like."

Tamara famously takes Sophia with her wherever she goes, but she insists she and Jay still get plenty of quality time together, especially now the youngster is enrolled in nursery.

She said: "Sophia has an early bedtime so Jay and I get the evenings to ourselves.

"She goes to nursery three mornings a week too.

"Recently [it's been hard to leave her] as she hasn't wanted to go. In the beginning she was really into it.

"It's a struggle when she's like, 'No, I want to stay with you.'"

Though Sophia is only three years old, her mother can already see aspects of herself and her husband in the tot's personality.

Asked what traits she's inherited from her, Tamara said: "She knows what she wants and how to get it. She's stubborn and she's really, really funny. She gets that from her dad."

Tamara isn't a strict mother but is trying to set boundaries and teach her daughter right from wrong.

She said: "Hopefully [Sophia thinks] I'm kind and listen to her and put her first.

"She definitely is cheeky but I'm not a super-strict mum. In the past she hasn't been great at sharing but I've encouraged her to understand."

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