Taylor Hill finds being a Victoria's Secret Angel a "challenge".

Taylor Hill in ES magazine

Taylor Hill in ES magazine

The 18-year-old beauty has been one of the iconic models for two years, but insists she is far from the image people expect of the lingerie firm's catwalk representatives because she is a "loser tomboy" and not really a "girl's girl".

She said: "[I'm] more of a loser tomboy type. I'm very nerdy, I love to read -- I'm not necessarily a girl's girl.

"[Being an Angel] really challenges who I am as a person. I'm standing there in underwear, but I'm just [macho] like, 'Hey guys!' "

Of the Angels, Taylor is most close to "weirdo" Behati Prinsloo.

She told ES magazine "She's a weirdo. I love her.

"She's just loud and clumsy and she laughs a lot. The first time we met, she was touching my face and being like, 'You're so cute'. And I'm just like, 'I love you!' "

Taylor is dating fellow model and actor Michael Stephen Shank and though their work regularly keeps them away from their New York apartment, she insists it doesn't matter.

She said: "He comes back and forth from LA, but then I go off on location and stuff. But it's OK. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder."

In the years to come, the brunette model wants to set up her own charity as she feels very fortunate to be in the position that she is in.

She said: "I'd like to start some kind of charity. I don't know what I would do yet, but I think with all the influence we gain, it's important to give back.. For sure, because I definitely did not expect to end up here."

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