Taylor Swift says Joe Alwyn helped her open up about politics.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The 'Only The Young' singer "always" tried to avoid getting involved in the political world, but conversations with her boyfriend during Donald Trump's presidency inspired her to change her tact.

She told Vanity Fair: “As a country musician, I was always told it’s better to stay out of [politics]. The Trump presidency forced me to lean in and educate myself.

"I found myself talking about government and the presidency and policy with my boyfriend [actor Joe Alwyn], who supported me in speaking out.

"I started talking to my family and friends about politics and learning as much as I could about where I stand."

Now, the 31-year-old star is happy to move away from the "fear and self-doubt" which stopped her from being vocally and openly political in the past.

She added: "I’m proud to have moved past fear and self-doubt, and to endorse and support leadership that moves us beyond this divisive, heartbreaking moment in time.”

The ‘You Need To Calm Down’ hitmaker previously hit out at the then-US president Donald Trump, and she accused him of “stoking the fires of white supremacy” following the death of George Floyd, and vowed to “vote [him] out” of the White House.

She tweeted in May last year: “After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November. @realdonaldtrump (sic)”

Meanwhile, Taylor has also revealed how she and Joe - who have similar "musical tastes" - have "bonded over" sad songs after collaborating on some tracks on her 'Evermore' album.

She previously said: "Joe and I really love sad songs. We've always bonded over music.

"We write the saddest [songs]. We just really love sad songs. What can I say? It was a surprise that we started writing together.

"But in a way, it wasn't because we have always bonded over music and had the same musical tastes. He's always the person who's showing me songs by artists and then they become my favourite songs."

Joe was credited as William Bowery on the record, and helped pen 'Champagne Problems', 'Coney Island' and 'Evermore' on her newest release, while they had previously teamed up on 'Exile' and 'Betty' for its predecessor 'Folklore'.

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