Tiffany Haddish wants to host the Oscars - if she gets paid.

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish

The 'Girls Trip' star hilariously stole the show when she and Maya Rudolph presented the Academy Awards for Documentary Short and Live-Action Short on Sunday (04.03.18) and she'd love to return in a bigger role in future.

Speaking on the Governors Ball red carpet after the show to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: "I would totally do it if we get paid! 'Cause I didn't get paid for [presenting tonight.]

"I didn't get nothing. If I get paid, I'm down. 'Cause, you know, I got bills to pay. I gotta pay for these dresses."

Tyra Banks was one of the people who thought Tiffany should take over from Jimmy Kimmel as next year's Oscars host.

She tweeted: "Queen @TiffanyHaddish should host the #Oscars one day!

"Retweet if you agree! Let's get her some money!"

But Katy Perry took things a step further and suggested the 38-year-old star should run for office with Maya.

She posted: "#RudolphHaddish2020 (sic)"

During their time on stage, the two stars joked the ceremony - which was criticised in 2016 for its lack of diversity - was "too black now".

Maya said: "But we just want to say, don't worry. There are so many more white people to come."

Tiffany added: "So many. We just came from backstage, and there are tons of them back there.

"And not just movie stars, there are white people walking around with headsets, white people with clipboards. I'm personally not a fan of white people with clipboards, because I'm always wondering, what are they writing down about me?"

While out on stage, the 'Keanu' actress wore an Alexander McQueen dress that she'd previously donned for the 'Girls Trip' premiere and hosting 'Saturday Night Live' and she was delighted to give the gown another outing, as well as sport two other looks during the evening.

She said: "That was amazing. Rocking my $4,000 Alexander McQueen dress again. Wearing this Brandon Maxwell dress. Feeling cute because he made [it] for me.

"Rocking my Eritrean princess dress for my father in the beginning of the evening. That was amazing."