Tom and Giovanna Fletcher go "alphabet dating".

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher

The couple - who have sons Buzz, four, and two-year-old Buddy and are expecting their third child together - like to spend quality time together away from their kids and have come up with a fun way to try new things, though they haven't got very far with it yet.

Giovanna said: "When the kids are in bed sometimes we'll watch a film together and that's our date night.

"We also tried to do alphabet dating. You take it in turns to be in charge of the date and for the first date, everything has to begin with an A, then for the next one it's B and so on.

"We've only got to B so far but we want to pursue it."

Last week, the couple met Prince Charles at a Prince's Trust event and the 33-year-old author found herself locked in a "surreal" conversation with the royal about changing nappies.

She told OK! magazine: "The work he does with the Prince's Trust is really brilliant and it was great to talk about plans for the year ahead, as well as hypnobirthing and nappy changing. It was surreal!"

Giovanna and Tom have been together since they were teenagers, marrying six years ago, and she thinks the key to her successful relationship with the McFly singer is accepting one another for who they are.

She said: "We both know that neither of us is perfect. We allow each other to have our flaws and we give each other space."

The pair also enjoy parenting as a "team".

Giovanna said: "Tom is a very playful dad, he really encourages the boys' imaginations.

"Tom and I are very much 50/50, we're a team."