'Total Divas' star Eva Marie says she quickly forgot she was being filmed 24/7 for the reality TV show.

'Total Divas' star Eva Marie admits it was "weird" being followed by cameras 24/7 but soon got used to every moment captured for TV.

The WWE Diva is one of the main stars of the E! fly-on-the-wall series which follows the beautiful competitors' lives outside the ring.

Eva, 29, admits it was initially "weird" to have her every moment filmed but she soon got used to it and soon forgot about the crew surrounding her.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "At first, it was a little bit weird and intrusive [having the cameras follow you], because you're a little bit vulnerable letting the audience into your professional life. But you're also opening up your personal life.

"So, it's a little weird, but you end up forgetting that they are even there and going about your day and forgetting that they're there. I feel it's not normal now, which is kind of crazy."

She added: "You can never hold too much back because no one will ever really capture who the real Eva Marie is."

Eva insists WWE fans - who can watch 'SummerSlam' live on August 17 - will be shocked when they see just how hard all of the Divas, which includes twins Brie and Nikki Bella, Natalya and Naomi, work and how much they have to train for their matches.

She explained: "I think the fans will be surprised about some of the things that appear on the show. I mean, no one has ever gotten to see what it's like to be a WWE Diva.

"Yes, we are all a bunch of athletes and we have to get down on the ring, but we also have to attend photo shoots and red carpets. But then, we are training like crazy. But the most amazing thing about being a WWE diva is our involvement in a variety of charities. I personally was involved in going over to Afghanistan to meet the troops. My father was a marine, so that was just amazing."

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