Una Healy is not looking for love anymore and is "happy" to be single.

Una Healy

Una Healy

The Saturdays singer is hoping she can meet "the one" for a second time after her split from husband Ben Foden - with whom she shares Tadhg, six, and Aoife, nine.

She said: "I feel happy to be single, I’m not looking for anyone. Maybe the second time round when I meet ‘the one’, it will be for longer. You just want someone who is a decent person, you have to be compatible, and someone who makes you laugh and who will be there for you."

And the 39-year-old singer admits there were past relationships she stayed in even though they weren't working and she has given people "second chances" in the past.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, she added: "All of my previous relationships were, ultimately, failures. There are good times, that’s why you try and stay but when you know the game is up, you have to say, this is it. There are many relationships I have stayed in but they weren’t working ... I always believe someone deserves a second chance."

Meanwhile, Una previously admitted she is ready to date again but is finding it "hard".

She said: "I know a couple of people who have been on the apps and they’ve been messaged and told me, 'A catfish is on, pretending to be you', and it’s like, 'That is me'. There’s a danger of that. People just don’t believe you might be on there. But that’s just what everyone’s doing now, isn’t it? That’s how people are meeting and chatting to each other ... It’s so hard. There’s no dating to be done right now. It’s the worst time to be single. Going on an app, I tried that a few months ago and I just found it really pointless because you can’t meet people."