Una Healy is "reliving her youth" with her children attending her old school.

Una Healy

Una Healy

The former Saturdays singer - who has daughter Aoife, nine, and son Tadhg, six, with ex-husband Ben Foden - moved back to Ireland with her kids during the pandemic, and she's loved being home as a mum.

She told OK! magazine: "I just love [being a mum]. I'm filled with pride for everything - if even if it's just a little thing they've won at school.

"It's like reliving my youth too, because they're at my old school. They're lovely, I'm so proud of them.

"Aoife's personality is like mine. Tadgh is really laid back and easy going. They get on well but they have their own little individual characters."

The 39-year-old star admitted homeschooling was tough during the pandemic, but she's now learned to appreciate her "me time".

She explained: "It was a challenge. The teachers were brilliant because it was thrown at them, too. Tadhg had only just started school and Aoife was in Year 2.

"Trying to teach them both at the same time was difficult. But we all got through it, didn't we?

"Now they're back at school, I find those hours so precious because I get to catch up with work and maintaining my fitness. I'm big into keeping fit - that's my 'me time.' "

Being home in Ireland has helped too, as she revealed her mum is much less strict with Tadhg and Aoife than she was with Una.

She added: "I came back a few months ago because of the pandemic - it made sense to be close to my family.

"I can come back and forth to the UK for work now I'm double jabbed. Having my family around me to help with the kids is great.

"My mum is a very hands-on granny. But she's very soft - she's so different to what she was like with me as a child."