Matt Damon still feels like an underdog.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

The 49-year-old actor may have won a string of awards and been nominated for dozens more throughout his career but he has never felt sure of his success because the uncertainty of the early days has always stayed with him.

Asked on 'People Now' if he's ever felt like an underdog, he admitted: "I think all actors feel that all the time.

"I don't think I ever felt totally secure in my career.

"Starting out is so tough and you get passed over and rejected so many times, it gets baked into you.

"It's that sword of Damocles hanging over you all the time."

Meanwhile, the 'Jason Bourne' star recently spoke of his admiration for Tom Cruise because of his dedication to stunt work in his movies.

He said: "I had dinner with Tom Cruise years ago.

"I kinda cornered him and I said, 'Hey, tell me about this [a stunt he did], like I'm afraid of heights. How did you do this thing?'

"And he goes, 'Oh, you know ... I've been dreaming of this shot for 15 years, this sequence, and finally I had a chance to do it.' And I go, 'So how did it come to pass?' And he goes, 'OK, so I go to the safety guy ... the safety guy says, 'You can't do that. That's too dangerous.' And he goes... 'So I get another safety guy.'

"And I looked at him and I'm like, 'I'm tapping out, you win, you are the best.'

"My reaction is, 'Too bad we can't do that sequence, it would have been really cool.' His reaction is, 'No, we're getting another safety guy.' "