What would be a welcome break from the pressure and hassle of Valentine’s Day?

So, what would be better? How about a night in with a takeaway and a gorgeous celeb?

Takeaway website JUST-EAT.co.uk asked 43,000 Brits  what turned them on - including which star they’d most want over for a saucy night in and a takeaway. They’re not providing the celeb, but they can definitely bring the takeaway! Fewer and fewer people are spending V-Day in restaurants, and who can blame them when you can have a romantic night in instead?

Here are the 10 Celebs we want over for a saucy Valentine’s Night In.

Will Smith

#1 - Will Smith

Hollywood nice guy Will Smith bagged the top spot. We’d certainly enjoy having him over for a takeaway and a bottle of wine - just don’t bring the kids, Will. We don’t want them around for what we’ve got planned!

Leonardo DiCaprio

#2 - Leonardo DiCaprio

After his risqué performance in Wolf of Wall Street, we get the feeling that Leo would be raring for anything. Let’s just hope he hasn’t forgotten his moves from Romeo and Juliet.

Ben Affleck

#3 - Ben Affleck

Next up was Argo star Ben Affleck. We like our men like we like our takeaways - big, and with a decent bit of meat on them.

Channing Tatum

#4 - Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum, the hunky star of 21 Jump Street has been known for packing on the pounds in the last few months. We don’t mind - we like a lad to have a bit of an appetite.

Jason Statham

#5 - Jason Statham

Hard man Jason Statham looks like a man who takes his food seriously. He probably insists on splitting the bill evenly, too. We’re not going to argue.

Gerard Butler

#6 - Gerard Butler

Scottish lad Gerard Butler seems like he’d fancy piping hot fish and chips over an ice cold beer. If he’s coming over to our place, he can have whatever he likes!

Danny Dyer

#7 - Danny Dyer

EastEnders star Danny Dyer looks like he’d prefer a cheeky chicken kebab to a swanky Thai curry. You can take the boy out of East London...

Tom Hardy

#8 - Tom Hardy

Inception star Tom Hardy is a classy fella. We picture him bringing a lucky lady a fine sushi selection, throwing in a nice bottle of wine for good luck.

Vin Diesel 

#9 - Vin Diesel

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel is another thing entirely. We just know he likes it nice and easy - one giant pizza curled up in front of great, but cheesy, movie.

Ryan Gosling

#10 - Ryan Gosling

‘Hey girl, I heard you like takeaway so I brought you a selection of pan-Asian delicacies’. We knew Ryan Gosling was going to show up sooner or later!

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