Vogue Williams feared she'd never have children after splitting from Brian McFadden.

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

The 31-year-old model-and-presenter's marriage ended in 2015 and it left her feeling "really worried" about her future and being unable to fulfil her dream of being a mother, but now she's found love again with 'Made in Chelsea' star Spencer Matthews, her fears have eased.

She admitted: "My marriage broke up when what I really wanted in my life was children.

"I really worried about it and thought, 'I'm not married any more. I'm probably never going to get the chance to have children.'

"All those things run through your mind.

"I don't worry about it any more - I have a boyfriend now."

And Vogue is in a "happy place" in her life because of her relationship with Spencer, who she has been dating for seven months.

She said: "I'm really in a happy place at the moment.

"I think it does have a lot to do with meeting Spencer. I just feel much happier when I'm around him."

However, she admitted they find it tough to be apart, so she's recently been making a number of trips to Greece, where the 28-year-old reality star has been filming 'Five Star Hotel'.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "The only thing I hate about our relationship is spending time apart.

"But he really is supportive of me and I'm the same with him, so that's why I'm going to Greece agian tonight. It's quite a trek to get to him, but it's great."

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