'The Only Way Is Essex' fans have urged the show to cut scenes where the cast use contactless payments.

Chloe Lewis

Chloe Lewis

The ITVBe show is a huge hit with the public, however the continual use of Apple Pay and other touch-pad methods of payment which are not edited out of filming have started to anger viewers, who have taken to social media asking the shows producers to edit the sections out of the final episode.

Speaking about their annoyance towards the scenes, one Twitter user wrote: "I can't cope with the contactless paying on #towie makes me cringe every time (sic)."

Whilst another wrote: "TOWIE need to stop showing us how a card machine works every episode. #Contactless. (sic)."

And another posted: "When are we going to stop this paying things with ur phone carry on. Ok we get it (sic)."

This news comes shortly after Chloe Lewis recently took to social media to boast how her contactless payment makes it easy for her to "treat" her friends.

In a photograph of the reality star tapping her card on the card machine, which was shared on her Instagram account, she wrote: "Treating the girls... get together was much needed! Thanks @VisaUK for making it easy! #ad#GirlTimeIsTheBestTime (sic)."

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