Whitney Port is considering adoption after suffering a second pregnancy loss.

Whitney Port

Whitney Port

The ‘Hills: New Beginnings’ star recently revealed she suffered a miscarriage whilst expecting her second child with her husband Tim Rosenman - with whom she already has three-year-old Sonny - after previously losing a baby in 2019.

And now, Whitney has said she and Tim are continuing to try for a second baby, and may even consider adoption if they want to expand their brood further.

She said: “I just need one more healthy pregnancy and then I think we’ll be [done]. And then maybe we’ll adopt if we want another one.”

Whitney and Tim had originally been keen to welcome a third child naturally after giving birth to her second, but the miscarriage has caused them to rethink their plans.

She explained: “When I got pregnant with this one, I was like, ‘Oh, now that I’m excited for a second, I’m happy being pregnant. Maybe we’ll try for a third.’ ”

And Tim said: “As soon as we have a second child we’ll immediately never worry about this stuff again.”

The ‘With Whit’ podcast host also admitted to feeling “less depressed” about her miscarriage with time, as she knows “most women” go through something similar in their lifetime.

Speaking in a vlog posted to the couple’s YouTube channel, she added: “It’s such a complicated thing for your body to do that it’s just bound to not work out every time.”

Whitney, 35, first opened up about her loss in an Instagram post earlier this week, when she said she and Tim had been documenting their pregnancy journey for YouTube.

She wrote: “Hey, Everyone. This is not an easy one. We decided to start vlogging for our YouTube channel a couple months ago to share two stories: Renovating a new house and a new pregnancy journey. Sadly, I lost the pregnancy.”

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