Whitney Port wants to wait to find out the sex of her baby.

Whitney Port

Whitney Port

The 'Hills' star is expecting her first child with her husband Tim Rosenman and wants to be surprised when their baby is born.

She said: "We're not finding out. But it's only one of two options, so it's not that crazy! You're kind of prepared either way ... It's made buying anything harder. But so many brands are gender neutral now, so I think you just buy the necessities and wait until you find out to buy the specific things."

And Whitney admits there are times when she'd love to have a boy and others when she'd love to have a girl.

She added: "At first I was like I really want a boy, they seem so much easier. And then now I'm like, I think I really want a girl. So you go back and forth but obviously, at the end of the day all you want is a healthy baby, I don't care what I get."

However, one thing Whitney isn't looking forward to is organising her baby shower.

She told People magazine: "I don't really want to organise it. I'm thinking maybe some sort of co-ed barbeque, or something a little less traditional."

Whitney announced she was expecting a baby in a post on Instagram last month.

She wrote: "Oh hey! Just standing by the window in my underwear, with a BABY in my belly!!!

"DM me if you know what I'm supposed to do with this thing for how ever many years I'm supposed to be in charge. We are sooooo excited!!!! (sic)"

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