Willow Smith "didn’t realise what success would really take".

Willow Smith didn't know what it took to be successful

Willow Smith didn't know what it took to be successful

The 21-year-old star - who is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - has enjoyed success as a singer and as an actress, but Willow admits that success has been harder to achieve than she initially imagined.

She shared: "I didn’t realise what success would really take. I didn’t realise it was hard work. Now, because I’m older and know how I want to live my life, I’m more organised in my mind … because this industry is not a fluffy place.

"You need to have some wits about ya, some strength in the spine!"

Willow has also realised that her own childhood experiences were markedly different to those of her parents.

She told The Independent: "Even my own parents tell me it’s hard for them to understand my issues because my childhood was so different."

The Smiths were already one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood by the time Willow was born.

And she now appreciates how fortunate she's been in her life.

She explained: "I used to get upset, like, ‘Why doesn’t anybody care about my feelings!’

"But I grew up and realised, the world is such a f****** s****y place and people are in pain, and the fact I get to have these resources and this kind of life is an astronomical blessing.

"The only thing that makes it worth it is if I give something back that’s of value, whether that’s revolution or catharsis … it needs to have meaning."

Willow also admitted to learning some valuable life lessons from her parents.

She shared: "I’ve always said what I wanted to say and not cared, even when people thought it was stupid. More black girls need to give no f***s. Be confident. Be loud. Say what you wanna say."