A 79-year-old woman has recalled how she kissed Elvis Presley during one of his concerts.

Cadbury's new Dairy Milk wrappers

Cadbury's new Dairy Milk wrappers

Rose Knox-Peebles and her husband had flown out to Las Vegas to watch The King perform and when he made the unusual step to walk out into the crowd, she seized her chance and “flew” to the front of the venue, where she grabbed the ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ hitmaker and gave him a smooch.

She said: ““My husband and I went to Las Vegas – most extraordinary place – to watch the singer we were great fans of. We got a table right at the back, a gigantic room, it was very dark.

“The first time, the only time it ever happened, the singer stepped off the stage and into the audience.

“I flew – obviously I couldn’t really have flown but I felt I was flying over the heads of everybody. I landed, I held his head and pulled his face towards me and I kissed him.

“I remember walking back to the table thinking, ‘Am I ever going to wash my face again?’ “

What Rose didn’t realise at the time was her memorable moment was captured on film.

She continued: “About a year later, they happened to have filmed these concerts. We were sitting in the seats in the cinema in Leicester Square, the moment came and he stepped into the crowd and my husband sitting next to me said, ‘Look! You’re kissing him.’ It’s hilarious actually.

“I’ve been very lucky, I’ve got four children, six grandchildren, and I kissed the most famous person on the planet… In front of my husband.”

Rose has shared her story as part of Cadbury’s Donate Your Words partnership with Age UK,

which encourages the nation to have proper conversations with older people to help tackle loneliness.

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