Jo Wood lives in an “off-grid house” where she generates her own electricity.

Jo Wood

Jo Wood

The 66-year-old model and television personality – who is the ex-wife of Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood – is keen to do her part to help save the planet from climate change, and has said one of the ways she’s doing that is by living in a sustainable house where she generates her “own energy” and grows her own food.

When asked what the most sustainable decision she’s made in the past year has been, she said: “It has to be buying an off-grid house where I generate my own energy and grow my own fruit and vegetables.

“Since buying my house, I’ve also planted 70 trees to help re-wild the field.”

Jo also revealed she wants to see processed food banned in shops, and would love to one day see the invention of a “totally biodegradable” plastic.

Asked what she would invent to make her life more sustainable, she added: “Inventing an organic plastic that is totally biodegradable. Plastic has become such a big part of our lives which many people rely on, and I would love to be able to invent a biodegradable alternative.”

And when it comes to helping other people live more sustainably, Jo encouraged others to buy organic products as often as possible.

She said: “Buy organic food and organic products. Particularly with buying organic food, it creates a demand for food that’s farmed in a more environmentally sustainable way.”

Jo also doesn’t venture to restaurants very often, as she much prefers making her own meals so that she knows where the ingredients come from.

During an interview for The Independent’s My Sustainable Life Q&A, Jo was asked what her favourite vegan or vegetarian restaurant is, and she explained: “My kitchen! I’m serious … I’ve always loved cooking for myself and my family, and because I’ve always switched between being vegan and vegetarian, and sometimes pescatarian, I’ve been able to perfect a lot of recipes and always cook up a good vegan or vegetarian feast.”

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