Yasmin Le Bon's children used to "feed" her alcohol.

Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin Le Bon

The 51-year-old model, who has Amber, 26, Saffron, 24, and Tallulah, 21, with her husband Simon Le Bon, has admitted when the family would accompany her spouse on Duran Duran tours her daughters would supply her with copious amounts of wine to give them a "much easier time" during the trip.

Speaking to The Times Weekend newspaper about her children's behaviour during the musical trips, the mother of three said: "They were better behaved than any adult were [on tour].

"I think they used to feed me the alcohol at a certain point in the evening when they were quite young.

"They realised they were going to have a much easier time if they gave me a glass of wine. They learnt that trick quickly. 'Get the wine! Get the wine!'"

Meanwhile, Yasmin - who previously suffered with depression, which she called "compare and despair" - has revealed she had to sneak off to a private space when she needed a time out from parenting and simply wanted to let off some steam.

She explained: "I mastered the art if running off to the toilet and having a quick cry. Get it out of your system in under 30 seconds. It's out. Boom. Done. OK. Show me a mother of teenage girls who hasn't been through it. You deflect those brutal, vile comments, but you also feel sorry for them because it's coming out of their mouths. And it hurts them because they can't stop. It's like having Tourettes."

However, Yasmin has admitted her fluctuating moods made motherhood even more difficult for her.

She said: "If you are up and down and not in a strong place yourself, it can really drag you down. Certainly for me it did."