Zayn Malik has defended Taylor Swift.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

The pair worked together on the song 'I Don't Want To Live Forever' and Zayn says Taylor is "really cool" and he doesn't understand why she receives criticism.

He told The FADER magazine: "I rate her as an artist, I think she's cool, I think she's successful, and I think she deserves her success because she's worked hard. That's just how I look at it. I did a song with her, it was fun, she was professional. She gets on with my girlfriend [Gigi Hadid], they're good friends. I don't have a bad word to say about her. She's cool."

When asked if he can relate to her, as someone who receives both criticism and fan worship, Zayn said: "To be honest with you, when it comes to anything that has to do with trivia about people's personal lives or things that's going on in their careers, I don't necessarily pay too much attention. I don't pay too much attention to what people even say about me. I just tend to take it for what it is when I meet them people in real life and have a conversation with them. If they're cool with me, then I base my relationship on that.

"In terms of relating to it, of course I relate to things being written about us all the time. But I don't listen to it."

Zayn, 24, has been open about his anxiety in the past but he assured fans that he is feeling good and has been looking after himself.

He said: "I feel like that's why they always check, 'Is he OK? Is he happy?' Yeah, I'm happy. There's certain times that we like to take creative source from deep moments where I look for music, but that's not necessarily how I'm feeling 24 hours a day. I'm all good. I'm chilling.

"I'm going to bed quite early at the minute. I've been working in the studio throughout the day and going to bed at a reasonable time, getting up at reasonable times. Eating all my meals. I've got a gym at the house, so I've started doing a bit of training. My fans can rest assured everything is under control."

And he has even taken up gardening.

Zayn said: "I've been gardening a lot. I've got cucumber plants, tomato plants, onions, all kinds of crazy things growing. I just went to the local garden shop and bought seeds packets, read the instructions, and tried it at home.

"We've got some trees too - lemon trees and apple trees and grapes."

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