Zoe Saldana believes in aliens.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

The 38-year-old actress insists it is "logical" that there are other presences in the galaxy, and she is also convinced other forms of her exist in various parallel universes, even if she doesn't fully understand how.

She said: "It's so logical to me that there's something else out there.

"I mean, why would there be so much space otherwise? Plus, I really do believe in a place where time does not exist. I believe there are other Zoes out there and parallel universes and black holes.

"My conscious mind may not have the intellectual capacity to embrace the grandeur of it all, but my being feels it."

Though she portrays Nyota Uhura in the 'Star Trek' movie series, Zoe - who has 19-month-old twins Cy and Bowie with husband Marco Perego - has only ever seen a "few minutes" of the iconic TV series, but insists that was deliberate as she didn't want it to influence her own performance.

She said: "I still haven't seen more than a few minutes of a 'Star Trek' episode. But that's a conscious choice, I didn't want to be hung up trying to be Nichelle Nichols [the original Uhura].

"I did go online, though, and watch a few vignettes, and Nichelle did such an amazing job."

And Zoe admitted she felt pressure to live up to fan expectations when she joined the popular franchise.

She told Britain's Glamour magazine: "Of course I'm human, so I was afraid of failure, afraid of not being accepted and afraid of stepping into someone else's shoes.

"I had done my research, so I knew how devoted Trekkies are to each and every character.

"But this was an opportunity to hone my craft - and to be in space. And I love being in space."

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