Britain’s Next Top Model waved goodbye to Annalise last night after the wannabe starlets find themselves taking part in two very different castings. One, to be the commercial face of a well known medicine – and the other; to pose for none other than Pearl Lowe, for an opportunity to model exclusively with daughter Daisy in the coveted ‘Look Book’. 

The girls also got to writhe around in a wind tunnel for the second challenge and get a surprise visit from former series runner-up and guest judge Abbey Clancy, who sets them the task of pulling off an edgy, sexy and powerful shoot set amongst scrap metal and burning cars.

Hey Annalise, how are you?

I’m fine, I’m very good indeed!

What have you been up to since leaving Britain’s Next Top Model?

Well I’m trying to launch a TV presenting career so I’ve been sorting out my show reel and I’ve been covering some live events and I hosted the afro hair and beauty show and I did co-hosting with Lisa Snowdon at the road shows.

Wow, that’s amazing, Hayley told me that you’d make a great TV presenter!

Aww, did she? Bless her cotton socks… I’m trying!

Was it a shock that you went his weekend as you’ve had consistently good feedback really?

Yeah, I mean, I wasn’t actually that shocked about leaving, I kind of knew it was coming after the comments from the judges and I didn’t think that Abby Clancy being a judge helped my situation very much! But oh well, that’s just how the show works, somebody has to go.

What was it like working with Pearl Lowe?

Oh that was fun, it was really good and it put a lot of pressure on us because she told us to walk and then do our party trick and everyone was like; “oh my god, I don’t have a party trick!” but thank goodness I’m a dancer because I just did a little bit of shaking at the end.

You also had to do a advert in a wind tunnel, what was that like? Were you nervous?

Yeah! I can’t wait to see that! It was amazing, indoor skydiving is an experience I probably won’t have again but I will remember forever, it was such an awesome feeling, it was like you’re actually flying! You’re balancing on the air [FF: Doesn’t it hurt your belly?] No, not at all, after we’d delivered out lines he took on on a ride in the wind and took us all the way to the top and down again and then sent us spinning around. It was crazy!

You were judged on a photo which saw you amongst scrap metal and a burning car, what was all that about?

I can’t remember what the Lisa Mail was about but we knew we’d be in a scrap yard and that something would be on fire so we were all a bit disappointed when we saw the actual size of the flame! It was like a little candle, we thought the whole car would be engulfed in flames!

You were accused of having too much confidence which often came across as arrogance, how did that make you feel?

I think some people can mistake me for being arrogant because I’m quite outgoing and confident and even when I’m not feeling very confident, I’m the type of person who fakes it anyway! I would rather be confident than not, so maybe sometimes if I’m nervous I over compensate, but I wouldn’t say I’m arrogant at all.

Aww, and do you think the argument you had with Viola had an impact on your leaving the show?

Oh I don’t think that had an impact at all, I think the ‘discussion’ with Viola was about airing gossip that had being going on in the house and I looked like I was instigating it, which to some extent I did, but at the same time, everyone else was putting in their two pence worth as well, I was just at the forefront which could make it look a bit worse. That said, I have no hard feelings towards Viola, I think she’s absolutely amazing!

And if you could have chosen someone to go in your place, who would it be?

Probably Mecia. Me and her didn’t get on very well in the house. Not that we had arguments, but there were little comments and little digs, you know like when you’ve spent too much time with someone and they start to get on your nerves?

And who would you like to see win?

Ashley! I’m rooting Ashley! [Oh good! Me too!] Isn’t her personality amazing? [FF: Yes! I love her, every time she’s on I laugh so much!] I know! In elimination she would have everyone in hysterics every time she walked up, but they edit that bit out!

Boo! I bloody love her! So, what will you be up to over the next few months?

I am going to be trying to get an agency and sort out my modelling but my main focus for the next few weeks is to get my show reel done so I can launch this career of mine!

Awesome, and finally, what was the highlight of this series of Britain’s Next Top Model for you?

The ultimate highlight was going away to Iceland so early in the competition because none of us were expecting to go away because we all watch the show and know it tends to be the final five that go away and the fact that we were going to Huggy’s homeland was just amazing and I’d never been there so it was another place to tick off my list.

Best of luck with everything hun.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison