Nell Naberro

Nell Naberro

Loud mouth rebel, Nell Nabarro is used to being the village gossip in her small home in Wiltshire hence why she wasn’t going to be put off by what people would think if she entered season five of Britain’s Next Top Model.

What’s more, the sassy 19-year-old would consider a career based around politics if she couldn’t model, though preferably she would want to style the politicians more than actually be one!

That plan didn’t seem to go too well though after she found herself booted off the show in week one; because of her ‘weird wrists.’ I caught up with Nell to find out what she’s been up to since leaving the show.

Hey Nell, how are you?

I’m good, I’m loving the sunshine, it’s such a nice day.

We’ve just seen the new Britain’s Next Top Model…

What did you think?

Well it was alright, I didn’t like the boot camp, I wanted you to be in a nice house!

I know! It was awful, it was so cold because it was in January and on that thing that we had to swing over, that pond, in the morning the army guys had taken like a foot of ice off the top of it. We were just like “Oh my god” it was so cold and our faces were in the mud, it was horrible.

What have you been up to since leaving the show?

Well I’ve don’t lots of photoshoots and one with Rankin [ff: Wow!] and I’ve done a shoot for a magazine in Bournemouth. Lots of random bits and bobs really.

So you’ve managed to get somewhere despite leaving in the first show…

Yeah, that’s so lucky!

We thought you had a really good ‘look’

Yeah! When the told me to leave they didn’t really justify it, they just said I had odd wrists. I don’t even understand the comment. I can’t even feel insecure about it because I don’t understand it.

What was the highlight of your brief time on the show?

It had to be the catwalk, they didn’t really show much of it and they edited it differently to how it happened; I was the first one out and I got to wear the coolest outfit which was this cape with all this bling sparkles on and this amazing hat. At the end of the catwalk I unzipped it and flashed these tartan pants, it was awesome.

The girls also did a photoshoot with Huggy Ragnarsson, what was that like?

It was really good, she was really supportive and she understood how freezing we all were… she understood that we couldn’t stand there for hours.

Were there any girls you really got on with?

I really got on with Lauren and Kasey towards the end, but I mean I didn’t dislike anyone, when I was still in, there was no bitching, but I think it was as I left that the bitching really started.

We haven’t seen that yet…

It’s all to come, there wasn’t much at the start because everyone was being nice to each other, but then they start to show their true colours. Luckily I was out before I started showing my true colours.

When you get there, was there anyone who you though; “Oh no, she’s going to be big competition?”

Well I thought Kasey was really beautiful and she’s got long hair and looks like a princess, and she’s obviously completely different to me but I thought she would probably be competition. I think there wasn’t anyone who I thought; “Ohh, they’re horrible.”

Is there anyone you’d like to see win despite it being early days?

My favourite is probably Lauren, I really like Lauren, she’s really pretty and has an amazing body,. She has everything so I think she should win definitely.

And is Lisa Snowdon as pretty in real life as on TV?

Yeah! She is really, really pretty.

Did you think that any of the seven girls who got axed in the first show deserved to stay, or do you think anyone who stayed should have gone?

I remember in the first round I was saying that Viola and Rebecca should have gone but I do thing Viola should have gone. But Rebecca didn’t want to be there at all, I know she went in the same round as me, but she was saying to us all that she wanted to go home and she hated it and she didn’t want to be famous. We thought it was a bit harsh because there were so many girls that applied and would have wanted to be in her position, so everyone was really pissed off with her.

Overall, what have you taken from your time on the show?

I don’t know really, I was expecting them to say something abut me that I could have learnt from but they didn’t. I suppose I could have tried harder in the photoshoot, I don’t really know why they kicked me out to be honest. I guess I learnt not to do odd things with my wrists.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

That they have to keep at it whatever people say because sometimes people say mean things and you need to have a thick skin to carry on.

Finally, what’s next for you and where can we see you?

If you go into Superdrug you can see me on a hair dye box for Smart Beauty. I think I’m going to do modelling more full-time when I finish college in about three months, so hopefully you’ll see me about more then!

Awesome! Well best of luck with the future!

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