FF: You were once a member of the famous burlesque act the Pussycat Dolls? was this the inspiration behind the strip aerobics series.
Carmen Electra: I think dancing in general was the inspiration. I have been dancing since I was five-years-old so I wanted to incorporate things that I have learned over the years through my experience and Pussycat Dolls being one of them, which is kinda fun because it's the type of workout that isn't boring, you learn dance moves, how to strip-tease and how to give a lap dance. So you never get bored doing it.
FF: Do you need to be a flexible go-go dancer with a pole in her living room or can anybody learn to strip tease like a pro

Carmen Electra: No actually it's funny you say that. I don?t do any pole work on my DVD?s because I thought it would be to complicated for people to figure out how to do that without a pole (laughs) so yeah it is basically strip tease, we do dancers warm up to get limber and stretch out your body then there is Fit to Strip which is coming out on Monday and that is with a physical trainer from Hollywood who helps you tighten and tone your body.

FF: What has been the reaction to your ?Aerobic Striptease? and ?Fit to Strip? DVD?s - any success stories from girls getting fit and pulling the guy of their dreams after doing your workout?
Carmen Electra: Yeah actually I get thanked a lot from guys who say that their girlfriends bought it and one of them who actually works on the show Conan (O?Brian) said that his girlfriend surprised him. She had been working on it he had no idea and then surprised him on his birthday and gave him a lap dance
FF: What motivational advice would you give to all us girls who have already broken our new year's resolutions?
Carmen Electra: Don?t ever be too hard on yourself - even if you have slipped and haven't really gotten on schedule just take it easy but slowly get yourself back into the pace, get yourself used to working out start and eat healthy.

With Aerobic Strip Tease you can do it at home, it makes it easier for a lot of women that don't necessarily want to go to the gym.

FF: With such a hectic work life how do you find time to maintain your beautiful figure
Carmen Electra: I try to workout whenever I can but sometimes I can't so I have to try to eat healthy just to balance it out.
FF: What?s the one food that makes you want to ?ditch the diet??
Carmen Electra: Pizza!
FF: What do you think is the key ingredient to leading a happy, healthy and fulfilling life?
Carmen Electra: Loving and accepting yourself. Embracing this life.
FF: You are staring in the new movie 'Dirty Love' with Jenny McCarthy, which looks great and very funny many of the movies you have stared in are humours, would you ever consider doing a more serious role
Carmen Electra: Absolutely - you know it is a lot of work and you have to be willing to go a little bit deeper into yourself and reveal such intense feelings which can be really hard, it is sometimes hard to let yourself feel that stuff.

For now I love doing comedy, its fun, I get a laugh out of it, its not take serious so I am enjoying that for now.

FF: Is it true you have set up the ?Carmen Electra?s Naked Woman?s Wrestling League??
Carmen Electra: Yeah actually I hosted an event, um it was really funny I didn't actually get to see the girls wrestle nude, which I was kinda disappointed about. I actually wanted to watch, I thought it would be funny but I just did hosting which was done in a studio so I didn?t get to see any of the fun stuff.
FF: Any romance tips can you give to us girls who haven't yet got a valentines date yet
Carmen Electra: Oh romance tips, well if you do have a valentine what you can do is go get Aerobic Strip Tease, practise and you know you could do a strip tease for your boyfriend or your husband. If you don?t have a valentine my advice is hang out with your girlfriends, don't go looking for someone, when it's right they?ll come to you.
FF: Apart from your new movie and the release of Strip to Fit what does 2005 have in store for Carmen Electra?
Carmen Electra: I am putting together a new burlesque group, right now we are called the Bombshells but I think our name may change so I look forward to a lot of dancing, the movie I did with Jenny McCarthy and Aerobic Strip Tease.
FF: Will you be touring with your burlesque act
Carmen Electra: I would love to we just did our very first show so it?s fairly new.
FF: Any chance you would be coming to the UK
Carmen Electra: I hope so - that would be awesome.

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